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Gerenciamento de Riscos
Risk Management
Risk management is based on preventing losses, whether human, environmental, to the company's image, to property, or even to production. A risk management program shows the appropriate strategy for the company to control its risks, how to identify, analyze, control, and treat risks, as well as how to prioritize investments based on them.
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Environmental Consultancy
Implementation of ISO14001; Environmental Licenses: obtaining, renewing and controlling conditions; Elaboration of the necessary environmental studies for the implantation and/or operation of the enterprise; Waste Management: Implementation of internal procedures, control of the MTR/SINIR system, preparation and implementation of the PGRS - Solid Waste Management Plan; Control and obtain the licenses required by IBAMA and other competent environmental bodies; Internal audits.
Segurança com Produtos Químicos
Safety with Flammable Products

Preparation of NR-20 chart, Works with hazardous area classification, Safety procedures, Projects, Fugitive emissions control plan, Grounding report.
Segurança de Máquinas e Robôs
Machines and Robots Safety
Each machine is different and requires a risk analysis and a concept of unique safety, a safety solution applied to the customer, having that as a basis we design and validate solutions according to these criteria, aligning them with applicable safety standards. We use performance level concept in machine safety, aligned with Brazilian legislation and ISO 13849, which provides security based on reliability of machine safety systems.
Blusafe Treinamentos
Sustainable Projects

Photovoltaic systems design (solar energy), Rainwater harvesting, Wastewater treatment, water reuse, Environmental projects.
Blusafe Treinamentos
Professional Training
The success of a business also depends on individuals working joint way. The entire team that makes up the company is responsible for leading it to good performance, whether in matters of health, safety, environment, environment, quality, for this, it is necessary that they are trained to achieve such results, strengthening the values ​​and aligning them with the organization's goals.

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